Urea 10% NM

  • The optimal nutrition for dry skin. For the protection, prevention, hygiene and daily care of your skin.

  • Packaging:

    Box of 6 bottles (500ml).
    Box of 30 tubes (30ml).
    Individual Container (500ml).

  • National Code:

    Bottles: 300473
    Individual Container: 156611.9

  • Suitable for:

    Urea 10% NM actively provides your skin with its natural hydrating agents, restoring its softness and smoothness, while providing a soft scent for daily hygiene and wellness. Dry skin is associated with aging skin, frequent washing, and environmental factors such as cold, heat, and UV rays. This type of skin is characterized by its tightness and dryness, which is why products rich in urea provide NHF (Natural Hydration Factor) necessary to maintain skin at the optimal level of hydration, softness, elasticity and flexibility.

  • Directions for Use:

    Apply two or three times a day over affected dry areas. It can be applied over the entire body surface.